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Cleveland's Campaign for Basic Needs

Organized giving was invented here in Cleveland more than a century ago through the nation’s first United Way. The problems our region faced then are different from the problems we face now which have grown in size and scope.

Cleveland had the highest childhood poverty rate of any large city in the country, with more than half of Cleveland’s children living in poverty. Cleveland also has the second highest poverty rate in the nation for working age adults and the third highest poverty rate for seniors living in poverty.

Why run a campaign?

The workplace campaign is more important now than ever to help stem the poverty crisis in Cleveland and to ensure that every Clevelander has the opportunity for a better life. More than 1,200 local workplaces – from large headquarters to small shops – run United Way campaigns because they know it helps create a stronger community for all of us.

Businesses Make Strong Communities.
Strong Communities Make Strong Businesses.

United Way’s workplace campaign helps to educate your employees about the needs in Greater Cleveland and connects them with easy ways to give back. Whether through donations or volunteerism, statistics show that employees who work for companies that have a Corporate Social Responsibility program are more productive and happier in the workplace!

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