Digital Tools to make you most effective

Digital Tools to make you most effective

Digital Marketing Tools

The way of doing business has changed and we changed too. Gone are the days of us printing posters and flyers to deliver to your worksite. We have created marketing materials that will be easy for you to send to your staff whether they are on site or working remotely. This change includes providing easy-to-use “green” solutions to maximize your workplace giving campaign.

These digitals include the following:

Electronic Giving Portal

In addition to marketing materials, United Way of Greater Cleveland created a secure, easy-to-use platform that allows you to increase the success of your company’s United Way campaign.

The electronic giving portal provides you with the following tools for success:

  • Access a campaign dashboard to track and monitor the success of your campaign
  • Send customized communications to all staff to increase campaign engagement
  • Create ad hoc fundraising activities including raffle tickets and online auctions

Get Started Today

Contact your United Way representative today to discuss how we can partner to meet the needs of your work environment and schedule a demo of the new electronic giving platform. Your workplace campaign is key to helping people in need.